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Thread: Black bear hunting info books

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    Question Black bear hunting info books

    I would like the names of some good books on black bear hunting. Primarily field dressing, field judging ,butchering etc. Although i am a seasoned hunter of 25 plus years and have butchered, fleshed , caped , quartered you name it have never performed these tasks on a blackie. I want to be informed and prepared.


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    Default Vaznis and Nordberg

    One good one I would suggest is "Successful Black Bear Hunting" by Bill Vaznis. Another one is "Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting" by Ken Nordberg. Nordberg's book is mostly about baiting, Vaznis is more general, has stuff on various hunting techniques (including some good stuff on skinning and butchering if I remember correctly--a friend has my copy). Both can be had from Amazon. Note that neither is Alaska-specific.

    I don't know if you're talking about hunting in Alaska or the lower 48, or if you're interested in baiting, but there is a good video (it's called "Phantom of the Forest") on black bears in the bookstore of this website.



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