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Thread: Bears, Skittles, and Marshmallows

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    Cool Bears, Skittles, and Marshmallows

    Want to drive a bear crazy drill some holes into a stump or downed log next to your bait and drop Skittles into the holes and then sit back at your bait and watch them try to get them out. Had one of the Rare Brown bears on the Kenai eat the whole stump to get the skittles out, or maybe he just needed some fiber Also if you have a black bear that keeps skirting you and won't come in while your there take marshmallows with you. Before you get into your stand walk just out of sight on a trail you know they are using and start dropping marshmallows on the ground about every 5 ft on your way back to your bait they love them and will follow them into your bait even though they know your there. Had one crawling on his belly a foot at a time sneeking in to get them marshmallows lucky for him I was only viewing that night. Just make sure if you leave before the bear comes in to pick up about 3/4 of the marshmallows on the way out so he gets a taste for them, then repeat until he's on your wall and in the freezer...

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    That is good stuff. Love to see that on video. You must have had to work hard not to bust up watching them
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