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Thread: Juneau/Skagway/IcyStraitPoint/Ketchikan late June / early July

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    Default Juneau/Skagway/IcyStraitPoint/Ketchikan late June / early July

    A couple, few of us brothers & dad will be looking to take a half- or full-day fishing excursion while in port from a cruise in late June / early July. We're in Juneau 29Jun, Skagway 30Jun, Icy Strait Point 1Jul, Ketchikan 2Jul. Do you know of any good guide services in any of these areas? I'm experienced to a nine weight in fly rods & would like to flyfish if possible. Spinning gear would be appropriate for the other one, two or three fellas. Trout, steelhead, salmon preferred but not absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for your time.

    John Kilday

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    Juneau is probably your best port if you want to fish with fly and light spinning gear in rivers, mainly because there are well-established outfitters set to handle that kind of fishing, as opposed to the much more common trolling or bottomfishing.

    Go here for info on species availability, appropriate gear, and outfitter services, which are either fly-out or boat-based trips:

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    We do 1/2 and full day trips geared at all levels of fly fishing competency.

    Late june is great for dolly varden with a few early pink salmon thrown in.

    Drop Arne a line, we would love to take you fishing.



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