I need to arrange a ride from the Deshka Landing to the Moose Creek parking lot on Oilwell road. I plan on dropping my canoe/gear off at the parking lot then driving to the landing. I need someone to give me a ride, by car, from the landing back to the parking lot. I have already arranged a pick-up from the mouth with a friend. If you can provide this service let me know the cost. It would be either 10-11pm Thursday may 22 or early am on Friday the 23rd. I am waiting for responses from the Deshka landing and several guide services for this as well. I just wanted to see if any of our members from this area could ba a help in making the shuttle or pointing me to someone who can do the shuttle. It is about 65 miles one way. I posted this in the general disscusion forum but got no replies. I can pay you $80 for a ride.