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    Anybody know if there is an atv dyno in state?

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    I don't think so. I was actually looking at one that one could test sleds atv's and cycles. I couldn'tget it to pencil out too many how here don't want to know the truth of how little power they really have....Oh well one of theses days.

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    A guy riding a turboed Yamaha Apex up by igloo said he had his sled on a Dyno, so there are dynos up here for recreational vehicles.

    Anchorage harley has one on Spenard. Give them a call and they might work with ya.

    Looking at the bottom of the page, its going to cost you more than a couple hundo to run a test like this. Why are you wanting to dyno a wheeler?

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    Default Atv dyno

    Thanks for the info, hunt ak. I have made many engine mods to my Polaris Big Boss. I need to dyno because of carb mods.

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    I checked with the House of Harley months ago. They will only test bikes.


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