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    Does anyone have any experience or accuracy reports with the remington 700 titanium? I am looking for the lightest rifle I can find. Leaning towards the 300wsm.

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    If you are looking for the lightest rifle, then you're looking in the wrong direction. Take a look at the Kimber Montana's.

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    You might check out this thread... a couple of Ti"s are mentioned as well as a few other light weights.

    You might find a few other threads on 300 WSM's and light wieght rifles also.

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    Thanks for the thread you posted. I am still unsure if I want to go this route or a full custom job. Accuracy out to 400 yards is what I am really looking for in my lightweight rifle. Does anyone know of custom shops in Fairbanks other that arctic gunworks?

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    I have a Remington Alaskan TI in 270 WSM. Out of the box IMHO the trigger was too stiff. I replaced it with a Timeny $134.95, had it Mag-Na-Ported, about $200.00 round trip. It is now a 7.5 lb rifle in a ready to hunt package. Including 10 rounds, sling, but stock ammo holder. This must have been right off the reamer because the chamber is real tight. I have to full length resize for it. When I neck size I have a hard time camming them over. The titaimum on titaimum action tends to be sticky. The rifle will shoot MOA. I have gotten 2 inch groups at 300 without really trying, this is the wifes rifle and she will be keeping her shots to under 200yds.
    Don't know where you are, but if you want to handle one drop me a PM, Live in North Pole


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