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    Dear Alaskans.

    I wanted to give props to Doug and Neil. May they continue to provide us with the best gear for the best prices.

    I am extremely happy with my business dealings with them.

    They allowed a PRT (poor Righteous Teacher) to pay monthly until I paid off my new Zeiss Diascope 85mm X 20X60mm Zoom with cover.

    They gave me an awesome deal and gave me the method that I could pay it off.

    Doug and Neal,

    You guys rock!!!!!



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    I second that motion. I ordered a Pentax 65 A II this past Monday at around 2:30PM and it was at my door around 11:00AM the next day! I worked with Neil on this order and he was nothing but pleasant to deal with.

    Awesome to do business with and I will definately be back in the future.


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