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Thread: Halibut in The Middle of Resurrection Bay?

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    Default Halibut in The Middle of Resurrection Bay?

    Anybody ever fish for halibut on the seamount right in the middle of Resurrection Bay about 2 miles East of Tonsina Point? The chart shows it going very shallow relative to the rest of the Bay with much deeper water all around for quite a distance. Other than the constant onslaught of boat wakes it looks like a good place to try?

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    Default fishing spot

    I've tried this spot 4 times in the past. Three of the four the wind came up so fast I couldn't stay on the fishing grounds for very long. Couldn't make the kind of strategic drifts one would like. (It was really strange winds, like a curse.) The fourth try I managed to make a couple drifts across it.... pretty good drifts. No bites though.
    I do have a buddy that fishes it every spring, this time of year, and brings in 40 pounders.
    I can tell u that it rises to about 85 feet there according to my finder and is only about 3 city blocks big before dropping to 200 to +300 feet. With the bizarre winds that seemed to mysteriously come up every time I tried to fish it. A couple times it was almost dead calm and I had left some great rockfishing spots to try it there. No sooner did i find the spot when the wind would come up. Every time. Another spot to try is just off the front of Tonsina's gravel apron.
    good luck...................Cod

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    Many years ago we fished it late April and got a 138 lber there. We were anchored on it and had 12 lines in the water - only fish caught there, but it was a nice one.

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    It`s right in the middle of the traffic pattern so beware the charters blowing right by you...they rarely make room for small craft.

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    The Narrows near the Cape are a far better bet - at least in my experience.

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    If it were that good I would have killed every halibut on it a long time ago...It does look exactly like what a great halibut structure should look like but it has not been very productive for many years.

    head out a little farther...

    Good luck!


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