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Thread: 2006 Honda TRX 250 EX electrical problem

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    Default 2006 Honda TRX 250 EX electrical problem

    2006 Honda TRX 250 EX electrical problem: With spark plug removed and attached to plug cap, tried cranking engine to check spark. Spark was initially strong then after a one revolution spark dies out while engine continues to crank over. What would cause this problem? Thanks

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    Spark plugs grounded while looking for spark?If so get an ohm meter,get the values your supposed to be within and check coil,CDI and stator.
    Although first I would trace wires and connections and make sure no wires are broken or grounded.
    If you need a stator just make sure you hold your breath when you ask for the price.Just remember that EBAY is a wonderful thing!

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    Thanks cwoods, turned out to be the CDI. Changed it out and now we have good spark again.

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    Glad to hear.....summers are short!


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