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Thread: Savage 375 H&H

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    Default Savage 375 H&H

    What are your thoughts on the Savage Alaskan Guide in 375 H&H. Anybody own one?

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    Default I've got one

    and have very few complaints about it. Granted, it doesn't have the fit, finish, and finesse of a few other brands of rifles. For the price though it's hard to beat. I've done no tinkering with the bedding or any of that and with a couple reloads am getting 1-1.5" groups at 100 yards and shot one three-shot group at 300 yards that measured 2.85". I've just got a 1.5-4x Leupold on it so might be able to shoot tighter groups with more magnification, but am not terribly concerned with it as it's not a benchrest rifle by any stretch of the imagination. As would be expected, a light .375 H&H with a 20" barrel does bark and beller a bit. All things considered though, not a disappointing rifle by any means.
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    I have one also. I would agree with the above comments.I have a few other 375's. I might part with the Savage.Let me know by PM if you are interested.

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    Default .375 H&h

    I don't think many guides are going to use that gun on bears. For elk it probably fine.

    Find a good contolled feed gun if you possibly can- the CZs are a good starts.
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