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Thread: For All You Out-Of-State Fisherman...READ THIS

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    Default For All You Out-Of-State Fisherman...READ THIS

    If you are flying into/out of Kenai Airport, be prepared to NOT be allowed to take a 3rd, 4th, 5th piece of luggage. I heard from the airport manager there that the small commuter airlines servicing that airport were considering not allowing that much luggage per passenger! Also, the larger airlines are charging incremental fees per 'extra' piece of luggage. $25 for 2nd bag, $50 for 3rd and so on.
    I recommend you have an alternate plan for getting your fish home! Don't get caught with your pants down at the airport!

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    Perhaps those in the know (not me) could list some Kenai/Homer/other places people might get stuck processors who will flash freeze/smoke and ship fish.

    I know 10th and M will do so here in Anchorage.

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    Default Trust your own research...

    The airline industry is undergoing changes relative to fuel costs and the only way to understand any of it is to call your carrier. They will spell out what you are in for in terms of checked bagage and additonal checked bagage. From what I have read, none of them are consistent with one another with these changes.

    If you are splitting from your carrier and going with a smaller regional airline, then you have to call them as well.

    In all events, trust your own research because that is the most accurate way to be in the know...

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    Default 2008 Rules!

    The baggage rules and fees noted below apply to tickets purchased on or after May 1, 2008, for travel on or after July 1, 2008.
    For baggage limitations applying to tickets purchased prior to May 1, 2008, or all travel prior to July 1, 2008, please refer to the baggage section of our Contract of Carriage.
    Free baggage allowance consists of 1 checked bag per ticketed passenger. Baggage can be a maximum of 62 linear inches (length + width + height) and may weigh up to 50 pounds. Excess baggage charges apply to additional pieces, overweight pieces between 51 and 100 pounds and oversized pieces of luggage.
    No single piece of checked baggage may weigh more than 100 pounds. Any piece in excess of 100 pounds must be forwarded via air cargo or alternative means arranged by the customer.
    Exceptions to Baggage Allowance

    The following exceptions to the baggage allowance rules apply:

    • Customers traveling intra-Alaska shall be permitted to check three pieces of baggage up to 62 inches, 50 pounds each.
    • Customers traveling in the First Class Cabin shall be permitted to check two pieces of baggage up to 62 inches, 50 pounds each.
    • Customers traveling to or from Guadalajara or Mexico City shall be permitted to check two pieces of baggage up to 62 inches, 50 pounds each.
    • Customers who are current Alaska Airlines MVP Gold Mileage Plan members shall be permitted two pieces of baggage up to 62 inches, 50 pounds each.
    • Military personnel on active duty are allowed two duffle bags up to 70 lbs. per bag and up to 115 inches free allowance.
    • Customers making international connections to other airlines shall follow the weight restrictions of the international carrier, which may permit them to have bags heavier than Alaska Airlines' free allowance.
    • Disabled customers' assistive devices, strollers and car seats do not count for checked baggage allowance.

    Excess Size or Overweight Baggage Fees

    Checked Bag Weight Fee per Bag 50 lbs. or less No Fee 51-100 lbs. $50 (USD) Checked Bag Dimensions Fee per Bag Up to 62 in. No Fee 63-80 in. $50 (USD) 81-115 in. $75 (USD) Note: If a bag is both oversize and overweight, the higher fee is charged.
    Excess Baggage Fees

    Please see our Contract of Carriage for a full list of Excess Baggage Fees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akseakayaker View Post
    Don't get caught with your pants down...
    That's good advice no matter where you're at

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    Default AK Airlines ticket before May 1st

    OK, I read the New Baggage Allowance rules. I have questions on what I'm reading. Our party purchased our tickets before the May 1st deadline. Question one: Will AK Airlines charge us an extra baggage for a Fishing Pole Case, as a checked baggage, if we are at our limit? Previous, I thought no. But not sure now.
    Our flight up to Alaska invloves 2 or more stops. Under the Excess Baggage Charges, the Rules says "Only one stopover is allowed at any one point". What does that mean? Do we have to pay for each excessive baggage at each stoppover? That is unclear.


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    Default Call

    Why not call Alaska Airlines and get the answer directly from a representative of theirs.

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    Default Coal Point

    If in Homer with fish to ship Coal Point will do it with Fed Ex. They have some kind of contract and ship daily overnight with them. I have packed my own fish in my own styroform box that Coal Point put in a freezer and ship out next day. Fish shipped to my relatives outside. Everytime fish arrived on time and still frozen. Can get spendy tho so be prepared.

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    Default I just happen to be

    The acct rep for FedEx and cover the entire peninsula. I can tell you there are a number of processors that will do a fantastic jop of processing your fish and sending it to you at the end of your trip (they will hold it until a pre-designated day, and then ship it). I cannot pick one over another, so forgive me if I forget a few. Here is a quick list: Coal Point, Float Plane Lodge in Homer. Deep Creek Custom Packing in Ninilchik; Ed's Kasilof and Fred's Alaska in Kasilof; Peninsula Processing in Soldotna; Captain Jacks Seafood Locker and J Dock in Seward; Indian Valley Meats in Indian (by Bird Creek)....there are more, but I am working off the top of my head. Hope that helps...

    Either way the baggage works, just didn't want any out-of-towners to get caught in the frustration of what will be nightmarish airport/traveling experiences. ...

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    Default shipping to high

    With the cost of Fed-exing a cooler of fresh fish you are better to give your $ to the airlines. I know it hurts, but alot less.

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    Default Good Luck with the airlines...

    Anyone catch national news last night? AA is now going to charge for the 1st checked bag as well. I am willing to bet (and I am not a betting person) that before summer's end, airlines will really be shutting down extra baggage...

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    Default Shutting down extra baggage...

    I doubt it.

    Rather, my guess is that they will charge out the ying-yang and make a killing...

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    Default Bernard

    yeah, that makes the most sense....charging out the ying yang. I mean, it's not like they have a captured market or anything, right? What really gets me are the signs they post about not being responsible for lost/damaged luggage! With what they are going to charge for all the extra baggage....
    My heart goes out to the people that come up here, have the time of their life fishing, take their fish home in a cooler, check it as baggage on the airline, then when they go to baggage carousel to pick up their fish, out comes the cooler and it's........empty! Happens every single year up here.....heck, that has even happened flying from Dutch Harbor to Anchorage.....figure that one out!

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