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Thread: black bear out of homer this weekend.

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    Angry black bear out of homer this weekend.

    So this 15th Thurday night left for Homer got to homer about 4pm motor over across the Jackolof Bay. Got off at the dock got a ride to the end of the bay.When we pulled up the bay there was a bear across the bay about 1100 yards or so. So I get out and start my stalk/long walk around the end of the bay and back around. We'll as I'm making my walk about an hour into the hike around I'm about 687 yard on the range finder to the bear. Wind prefect blowing south and i walking right into it. We'll i see another truck coming up the road not to worried at the point no way anyone would shot from that far away. they stoped and jump out because they say what i did. SO buy know i'm have walked like mabye 75 yards still way to far to shot with a muzzleloader. My buddy says the theres a guy laying on the ground looking like he going to shot. Then the mother ****er shot. I was in total shock he would even try. I have a hunter orange hat on you can see me very we'll. So he comes up like 200 yard short the shot makes a splash in the water. bear takes off. I later ranged we the bear was to were he was it was like a 1100 yards or so.The rifle he shot with made a little pop not a bang like 300 or so. I don't undersand why people have no respect for other hunters. I'm just glad i have the respect for myslef and welness of there hunters out there not to shoot back. Since i was only 605 yard away from were he shot. If you are the person who did this you should not hunt. You have no pride or respect for the others around you. It is a great honor to be able to hunt a wild animal. Something you have no respect for. Sell you guns and go hug a tree............A skilled hunter would have never take the shot.......................Which you are not. I been hunting since i was a 9 years old in Montana were a grew up on a ranch and then moved up here in the 80's it sad to have people like this guy hunting... Mike..

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    Very unethical in my opinion. The way I see it is whether you shoot it from far or shoot it close you still have to go to were the animal is. I just like the excitement of sneaking up on a critter more than the excitement of making a long shot. Maybe thats why I limit my shots.

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    ...Always figured that there should be just one more hunting season, the "Loud & Dumb" season, no limit, plenty of 'game' in both categories. And you get to keep their truck as your trophy.


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    Probably a greenie molesting your hunt. I wouldn't put it past them.



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