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    I have a question about these, I have a 2000 Suzuki 500, it has the solid rear axle. I'd like to get some more clearance, but only if a lift kit will actually give it more clearance. I don't need the body lifted, I need the differential to come up some. with 27" blackwaters on it I currently have 8 1/2 inches of clearance at the diff. I've seen the ads where they put an ATV with 22" tires next to one with 30"s of course that looks impressive, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually measured the difference prior to puting on big tires, High Lifter advertises a 2" lift is this for real?


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    27" Outlaws are TOO much for a 500cc engine.

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    With a 2" lift you can add larger tires that will in turn give more ground clearance at the bottom of the diff.The lift on its own wont do you any good for more clearance under the differential.

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    I agree, 27's may be a tad bit much for a 500 without changing gears, but with a solid rear axle there is no lift kit that will add any clearance at the diff. Tire size increase is the only thing that will raise the height of the diff. To go bigger you will have to also change the gears and that gets expensive and labor intensive.
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    I have run with 27" ITP 589's on my 02' Foreman 450ES for bout 4 years now and you do have to change the way you ride some as far as gear selection(if your model even has shiftable gears).After putting on the tires I will say I like 1st gear more than before but the tires helped me go more places than hindering me.Pulled many a load up Monument with my meat trailer being sucked down to first gear before reaching the top.
    As Huntinphotos stated there is the possibility of installing a Gear Reduction(mabey not with the Suki,dont know whats offered).
    I installed a 14% gear reduction(simply a secondary and primary gear swap from a Honda 300 4x4) in mine and it cost me 200.00 in parts and some of my time.I now top out at 38mph but have unbelievable low end grunt and seeing how my machine is primarily used for hunting trips and not screaming down trails I'm okay with that.
    I personally wouldnt see a problem with putting 27's on your 500 but epect your gearing to naturally change.My buddy has 27" Blackwaters on his 05' 500 Foreman and no lift.He has no complaints about HIS gearing.

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    This year Suzuki 500 is a stout machine and won't have any problems running 27" blackwaters, or even 27" laws. My wife's Rancher has 27" Blackie XT's and turns them just fine, but the top speed suffers. Those Suzuki's have a selectable HI/LOW gear which helps too. Don't under estimate the power of a 500, especially this model. Changing out gears will, in no way, be needed.

    Unfortunately, you will either need taller tires for more clearance or a new atv.

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    Taller tires will actually "stretch out" your gearing making your low end torque suffer.Although your speedo will read untrue needing to be recalibrated.

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    i had a set of 26 inch mudzillas on my polaris 330 atp for a year without a problem played in some really nasty mud never got stuck


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