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    Default Quartz Lake

    Does anyone happen to know the status of Quartz lake i.e. the how much ice is still in the lake, and what the fishing is like...also what the fish are bitting on?....thanks for the help!

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    Default Quartz is Open

    Over the weekend the ice changed a bit but remained open. The fish are striking well on black jigs.

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    I was at the lake on Sunday and there were tons of nice looking bows swimming around. The ice was moving around a bunch so not sure how long they will be that close to shore but they were in real shallow right off the boat launches when we were there.

    That was the good news the bad was that we had absolutly zero luck getting one to hit a line. We tried all kind of rigs but I think were were a bit late (didn't arrive until 6 and were fishing the launch that was in the shade) and by the time the boat dock manager gave me a lure that he said should work my garage sale reel (I know, I know) was all gunked up and I couldn't keep it in the water enough to see if it woudl work or not.

    I did walk to the sunny ramp and one out of the six guys down there had some good luck (6 real beauties). He was fly fishing and I believe had a black type fly on. The other five said they had no luck though. A weekend camper said that some little kids were just killing them on dragonfly larva that they picked up from the reeds.

    I will be back to Quartz to try my hand again at those big guys, but for now it is back to the real world and nightmares of the fish that wouldn't bite.

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    Default Just can't get them to bite.

    I know what its like seeing big'ons that just won't bite anything, I been fishing Badger Slough outside of Fairbanks, there are a couple of spots with some real nice greyling, I am talking 18 and 19 inchers...but they won't even look at my lures. It's so patronizing watching the lure swim right by them and they won't even acknowledge it at all.

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    Little white crappie jigs is what I catch Bader slough Grayling on when I lived up there.

    The Mister twister curly tail jigs about 1-1/2inch or maybe even 1 inch.
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    now miller, stop giving away those secret rigs tips lol. Actually pearl works better but you didnt hear that from me.

    As for quarts and those 6 beauties....becareful of the regs there is or atleast was a size limit...only one over.
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    Well, the medium sized greyling are bitting pearl white jig heads with black jib bodies, but I haven't found the right one for the big ones.

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    How much ice is in Quartz lake? Any boats in the water yet?

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    pearl jig bodys....

    or pearl flies work very well

    Now that things are warming up you're starting to see hatches, midges in particular. Early on I prefer beadhead pheasant tails, hares ears, and scuds.

    Once they start on top I fish almost exclusively griffths will too once you achieve a drag free drift. I do carry a couple green adult caddis and a couple white parachutes in 16's as backups or for those already gone over fish.

    I dont however bother with jigs anymore, flies work too good. oh keep the those jigs small, you'll likely have to order the right size as no one local seems to have them in the right size in pearl. Think crappie, or micro icefishing gear...enough tips for one day.

    Forgot to add this is for grayling, not stocked rainbows though some of the mentioned flies do work and work well at times.
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