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Thread: Finally bought a bike...

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    Cool Finally bought a bike...

    My 5 year old is pedaling up a storm since he learned how to ride a bike. Last week he saw a young boy riding a bike by his sister's school and quipped: "look at that cute little human riding his unsteady bike." After that he made me take his training wheels off and he has been riding his "unsteady" bike.

    He kinda forced my hand to get a bike sooner than I wanted to/could afford. Had my eye on a Giant at Play it Again (new bike) for $530 and a Specialized at The Bicycle Shop; $1154 auto repair bill took care of those desires!! I ended up buying a box store Schwinn from Freds. It isn't a perfect fit, but sufficient for road-riding, riding to work, and hitting a few mild trails. I wanted to buy the worst <$100 no-name bike that had front/rear suspension & disc brakes to determine which features I like, but the cheapest box store "loaded" bike was $200+. The Schwinn was $180 and had better shifters and fit me better. I'm hoping to do some riding with the kids and hitting a few local trails. Haven't owned a bike since '04!!


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    I finally broke down an bout myself a bike this Saturday as well. Got a Mongoose at Fredies that was marked down. Not American made I know, but with rising costs I just can't afford that kind of luxury. I haven't owned a bike since '92, and it's funny how you never forget how to ride.
    Chris Willhoite


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