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Thread: Fishing trip Fuel costs.

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    Default Fishing trip Fuel costs.

    Hi Guys
    I just read tge shocking news that Fuel is $4 a gallon in some parts of the states. We should be so lucky, Deisel is $2.50c per LITRE in the UK, $10 a gallon AND rising weekly.

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    Exclamation It all rolls downhill...

    At least one charter boat operator is already feeling the pinch and sharing the pain with its customers.

    Several months ago, I booked a halibut trip for June in Seward. Today, I was informed that it will cost an extra $20 because of skyrocketing gas prices.

    I was given the opportunity to cancel because of the additional fee, but my response was a definitive "no."

    I'm just glad the company was courteous enough to notify me of this change well in advance rather than springing the news on me at the dock.

    Sometimes you gotta pay to play. This aspect of the fishing business is just another part of the game.

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    Thumbs up wave of the future...

    i know one charter operator who has a new plan for next year.... he is going to charge a flat fee for a seat on the boat, and at the end of the day the fuel bill will be split amongst the clients.
    so if you want to go to the barrens or ling fishing it is up to you... if you just want to go to the sand waves it won't be so much.
    so far his regular clients are all for it.
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