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    We all know the Mulchatna Herd has declined over the last few years. Now the Wstern Arctic Herd is also declining. With all the hunter pressure that has moved up to that herd, I wonder what, if any effect the decline will have on the success rate.

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    Does any of the information provided in the article make sense to you? Did I misread it somehow? What a bunch of garbledeegook and nothing specific. More of the same-same. Heads in the sand, until they have the same thing happen as it did with the Mulchatna Herd. Thousands of drop offs is a bad deal. Quick money and easy hunting for a little while, but it will fall apart soon.

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    Before you take the info on the herd count TOO seriously, you have to dig a little deeper.
    As said in the article, an aircraft is flown over an area and photo's are taken. What the article doesn't say is just what areas are flown. MOST of the herd calves on the north slope, but not ALL of them. So, while ADF&G did an accurate count of the animals in the photographed zone, what they don't say, and of course don't know, is how many animals were present in the rest of the herds normal area. While it is a fairly safe bet that the overall numbers of bou are down, just how much the herd is down is highly debateable.
    As to hunting pressure, the entire sport hunter harvest for the WACH is under 500 animals. Non local hunters are NOT taking enough animals to cause any kind of decrease. As to local hunter harvest.............well there's another number that is highly debateable
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