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    Well, I connected with a brown bear in Unit 4. I’ve been up a few times and always saw bears, but it just didn’t happen.
    We ( my older brother from Anchorage ,Bud, my younger brother from San Diego, Ted, his son and my son) rented a boat in Juneau and headed south. Our first planned stopping spot was taken so we spent the night and headed on in the morning. When we arrived at the next spot no one else around and we saw bears right away. I think we saw at least eight legal animals and three were shooters. We did a lot of glassing, we would troll around the areas beaches in a small skiff, and we would sit and watch tidal flats where we saw sign.
    On the third evening Bud saw a nice bear, so we scramble to get in front of him and of course he is no where around. We wait awhile, then move to look and see that area he disappeared in just in case. Then decide he got us so we agree to come back the next afternoon and we head back. Half way back Bud looks behind us and guess what, I drop my pack and we move straight at him. We get to a little drainage I range him @ 165 yards , I start to set up but we move to a closer drainage maybe 30 - 40 yards. This shot was the only one that I was excited when I shot. The first shot was real good I think, broke his right upper arm bone, thru both lungs, nasty exit wound (Model 70, 375 H&H, 300 grain SAF). He reacts, disappears reappears, moving around, I shoot three more time before he is in the trees. I hit him twice more. I reload and we go to find some blood, we do and twenty yards before the trees there is a trail 18 inch wide peppered nicely with blood and he his one leg is dragging. It’s nine pm and we are talking about what to do next and I hear branches break, we think maybe he just crashed. We decide to go in, maybe twenty yards left from where he went in. We step look around, step look around. Just as we get in side where we can see, he comes at us from just a little to the left, boy he looked big in the scope, I think my first shot missed but the second one was just under his chin to the left and he did what we all wanted. We back up I reload and we move forward and see him just barely moving around laying on his back. We back up go get the pack , by then Ted’s here with the pack frame and we go in and he is still. I give him the ole barrel poke and that’s it, I’ve got a brown bear, with a story to boot. He's not real big, but he's mine, skull was 23 3/8", I never squared the hide. We guessed 7 1/2. I'll add photos when I get smart enough.


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    alright, congrats!! the way this seasons been going its awesome just to hear someones actually shooting bears! nice work! problem i found is brown bears are like potato chips....can't shoot just one!!
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    Default smart enough

    Lets see now

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    Default Congrats

    Nice story and great bear, now the "smart enough" title to your other thread makes more sense! Way to go.

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    Default What a fine bear..

    Thanks for sharing

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    Default Nice bear

    Congrats on a fine bear and a great story. Any bear is a trophy, no matter what size.

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    Congrats Will, that's a great story. Nice looking bear.

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    Default forget about the bear

    that tree you're siting next to is humoungous.... oh yeah nice bear too, amazing how bears don't die after hit numerous times with a 375.

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    Default Nice!

    Great story and nice bear! I hope to have mine sometime before the end of the 25th. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default thanks guys

    I like reading the tales here also, so I felt I would share mine. I also think all bears are trophys. Some are bigger, but in my mind that ten minutes I spent with my brother will last a very long time. I think my brother is more pumped about it than I am.

    That bear was something too, I think he was hiding behind that humoungous tree waiting on my dumb ass, we just went in on the other side of the tree. He has a few nasty scars on his back. We figured it was from fighting, but they could be gun shots.

    For the first little while after I thought the 375 was a little small, but the more I think the more I like it. If we would have waited he could have bled out, but when I needed it it was there. The bear stopped 16 paces from where I was standing. A little close for little Willie.

    Anyways good luck to all and thanks,



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