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Thread: Adding oars & locks to my Achilles Sport boat- Where

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    Default Adding oars & locks to my Achilles Sport boat- Where

    do I find add on oar locks?
    I have benn wanting to do this nall summer, but was busy baoting in PWS and dowen to Seldovia, now the rivers are calling and I want to have some options. Any Ideas?
    Thanks, in advance.
    Rob Leahy

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    Default Oar saddles

    that may be great option for portable oar locks for your inflatable sport boat.
    There is a dealer in Alaska.
    I looked at them at the sports show this spring.
    you can search for lots of great information on previous posts about these units.
    OAR SADDLES is what they are called.

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    Default Thanks, I sent them an e-mail

    I'll follow up with a call tomarrow.
    I really appreciate the quick response.


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