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    Unhappy Water in the walls...

    I noticed a brown oil looking sepage coming from the bottom of one of my teak cabinet doors. I pulled the frame and all off and found cracks where water was leaking out from the edge of the cabinet walls. I drilled into the end of the fiberglass covered plywood and found it to be soaked with water. I drilled as low as I could into the wall of the fish box and water has been leaking out all day. It seems that my test holes have revealed some of the cabinetry and the bulkhead wall, which is also the forward fish box wall, are full of water! I have been letting them drain and injecting some with acetone that are upright and can't drain on there own. Anyone else dealing with water saturation in there fiberglass boat?

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    Default water in fiberglass

    I took my boat to cac plastics he tested my fiberglass. It was all good he has a tool that he runs along the hull. If there is a problem like water in the hull he can tell you where and how to get it right. He told me everywhere the gel coat in chiped water can get into your fiberglass. give them a call they can tell you what to do to fix the problem there # is 376-7111


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