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Thread: Prince of Wales FLY Fishing

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    Default Prince of Wales FLY Fishing

    All, I really need your suggestions PLEASE.

    I go spin fishing in Craig every year for the last 4. Awesome trip and I love it. This year my buddy and I are going to go early to get some fly fishing in. I am looking for a guide on POW that can give us the lay of the land and put us onto fish on the rivers. Any suggestions????

    As a second choice, any suggestions from Ketichan?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't have any guide recommendations, but have spent a few weeks here and there fishing POW. What dates are you planning?

    Have you thought of renting a vehicle and driving around to fish?

    The road system is in pretty good shape and opens up a lot of water. The fly selection is pretty easy for most POW water from late-June through September. Earlier than that, you could entice some nice Cutt's, Bow's, and Dollies.

    Unless steelheading or fishing salt, most of the water is pretty easy to find with a Topo and a chat with ADF&G. I'll be down for a few days in July to round up some Cutt's, Bows, and Dollies.

    Feel free to PM if you want specifics.
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