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Thread: Anyone help me with info about hunting the Kenai?

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    Default Anyone help me with info about hunting the Kenai?

    Wondering what would be the ideal place to Black bear hunt in the Kenai. People are saying July is a bit warm, so I was thinking about trying for early June. It’s short notice, but if I rent a car and go near Anchorage, I may be able to pull it off.

    • First, location. I was thinking either in the Chugach National forest in the vicinity of Hope. In early June, would I have better luck on the coast of Turnagain Arm or near a stream or river (I believe the Salmon are running that time of year??
    • Would I be better off by Hope or East in and around the mountains or would I be better off west of Hope on the flat ground. I was thinking about hunting between 5 and ten miles East of Hope. Maybe parking where the Hope rode turns from North to West and Hiking East (assuming I can find a way across Sixmile Creek). From there I could either hunt the shoreline or one of the creeks such as Falls Creek.
    • Would there be more bears west of hope in the Kenai NWR in the flat ground. I have no concerns walking around the hilly areas here (Varries from sea level to 4500 or so), In fact, I always have more fun hunting hilly areas, but I would rather go where I’m most likely to see a bear.
    • Right now my rifle has a 4.5-14 scope, which may be a bit much (I believe much of that area is pretty heavily forested right?) If it’s pretty thick around there, I could always borrow a lower powered scope from my slug gun.

    I know it’s a bit short notice to put a trip together. For the next 6 months or so my work is pretty uncertain so I don’t think I’ll be able to plan something much farther in advance than this. By next year, I’ll be able to plan something as far in advance as I want. I’m trying to do something this year more as getting my feet wet regarding Alaska hunting and planning a bigger trip next year. The Hope area is only a few hours from Anchorage so it seems like as quick and simple a hunt as I can get in Alaska.

    I’ll find out in a few days if I can take the time off, but I may be able to get up to 11 days in a row. After that I’ll have a hard time getting any time off till maybe July or August, but it’s uncertain so wish me luck.

    I was planning on going hunting in April but my buddy hurt his knee 3 weeks before we left so we called it off.

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    Will you be hunting as a resident? I assume spot and stalk? I would recommend 1.5 x 5, 2 x 7, 2.5 x 8 up to a max of 3 x 9 for a scope - higher mag for spot and stalk and lower for bait. How familiar with the area are you?

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    Default Kenai

    I had read an article about doing that in Outdoor Life a couple of months ago. Thats my back up plan for next year if nothing better works out. If you end of doing this let me know about your experiences.. maybe i can learn something. My email is Steven from S. Texas

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    I'd be a non-resident. Never been there before so the only thing I know about the area is what I've learned from the topo maps.

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    If you cross 6 mile watch your footing. my wife and I got swept down it one time. its not deep, but she moves pretty good. its a long story but luckily our truck was right there. By the time we got out and I carried her to the truck and warmed her up she was starting to go hyperthermic on me. Thats some cold water.

    Good bears in that area and now I know how to get to the hillside without crossing sixmile. Longer hike but worth it.

    I'd keep your scope on the lowest power and run with it.

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    a topo map will goof you up bad, hiking five miles outa hope is gonna be a trip all in itself, there is no flat ground outa hope, you've gotta clear the mt range first. best bet might just be to hike resurection creek trail head and get high and clear the brush line and start glassing that way, good access and bears in there.
    Other option that might be better suited would be hitting the upper russian/cooper lake area just south of kenai lake, good access again, not a ton of pressure and the black bears will be up in the upper russian lakes as the salmon should be up in there by july as well.

    But if you've never been here and all you've got is a topo map...and alders and devils club don't show up on a topo map...i'd stick to a hiking trail like resurrection or the upper russian lakes area...good access, good bears and some awesome scenery, even a few forest service cabins you might be able to rent. check it out, i think you'd be happier, much happier going a route like that. best of luck to ya!
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    Default Kenai bear

    Drive south on the Seward Highway stopping to glass frequently, take your time and look in slides and low grassy areas, as well as the lower edges of the alder patches. The 20 or so miles from the Sterling highway cut-off toward Seward is a great area, as is the area south of Summit Lake. Just take your time and glass early and late. You can spot bears all day long. Do the same thing heading West on the Sterling highway. Good luck.

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