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Thread: Want to Make $100 for 3-4 hours on Quartz/Russian ?

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    Default Want to Make $100 for 3-4 hours on Quartz/Russian ?

    I will be in Cooper Landing 9/2-9/9 and new to area. Looking for somone to give me the lay of the Quart/Russain rivers -fly & spin.

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    Unless the person is a registered fishing guide, I'm guessing that this wouldn't be legal. If it were, I'd totally be up for it. I'm thinking that you need to hire a licensed guide, however. There are plenty of them in the area.


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    There is a guide who spends a lot of time down there from Anchorage. He does walks and floats. It's worth to give him a call. His name is Jerry, 748-6570. I know that he has guided there at least some of this year. Good luck, he may be able to fit you in with the budget you have. It may work out...

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    Yep, need to be a guide and have a forest service permit and i think a refuge permit as on bank of the russian is forest service and the other is KMWR.

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    PM me, i'll take you out. I own those rivers!


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