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Thread: Pontoon boat accessories

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    Default Pontoon boat accessories

    I am looking for a pump and an anchor for my pontoon boat. It's a small, 8' or 10' single seat boat (I can't remember how big at the moment, it's the 4 bladder one from sportsmans...), so there isn't a lot of need for a huge anchor or a huge pump because they will only get in the way...

    I have looked at the K-pumps and the K-40 sounds like a good deal. Has anyone used it? Does anyone have another pump they would suggest for less than $100?

    As for anchors, Cabela's has a pyramid anchor, 12lbs I believe, that looks like it might be good. I have used similar anchors on full size drift boats and liked them because they hold on the bottom but don't hang up on things too easily. I am not looking to set anchor in a roaring river but I will be fishing the kenai this fall and if I need to stop for some reason I'd like to have an anchor that will stop me and be retrievable when I am ready to leave... Any suggestions on a design?

    Lastly I'm in Fairbanks and any suggestions folks have about places to look for pumps anchors etc. other than sportsman's would be welcome. I know it looks like I have figured out what I want already but I'd like to hear from people who fish-cat a lot. I have had mine out once or twice but not on any rivers with current of note so I'm not sure how anchors will hold or retrieve with it and I am curious about pumps because I had to use a buddies electric mattress pump in a pinch and it wasn't real effective but haven't used the k pumps yet, just seen them at the store...
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    On that small of a pontoon boat I think I would go the mesh bag that you can fill with rocks if you think you will need it. I don't think you will find an anchor of much use on the Kenai in one of the smaller pontoon's but that is only my opinon.

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    Thumbs up K pump

    I have the K pump the large one (cant remember the number on it). I have had it 4 years now. I have no complaints about it. It can inflate my 2 person cat in about 15 minutes from flat to ready to go. I just strap it on a rail with a bungee when i float and it is not in the way. It is a great pump as far as i am concerened. I think I paid about 75 bucks for it back in 04
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    Default Pump / Anchor

    Mesh Bag Idea works, I make a Chain and Rubber Tube gig with an eye-bolt Just ad or take lenghts off as required for different boat applications i.e. Canoe, Raft, Cat etc... it last forever and is adjustable. " Old Canoe / Ausable Boat trick"

    Concerning the Pump the K- Pump is good!!!!! You could save a couple of bucks by gong with a Wonder Pump double action they come in three sizes to meet you needs.

    If your going to purchase electric go with the LVM Whirlwind about $60.00 bucks give or take shipping.

    Locations to purchase Pumps that are worth a hill of beans.

    Sorry to put me down but he asked - Blue Moose Rafting, Beaver Sports, and I think Mitch at Test the Waters still may carry some.

    If you wish help building a chain anchor stop on in Wed Night after 5:00PM I will help you out. I will also be at the shop on Friday, Sat and Sunday.

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