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Thread: Extended warranties?

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    Default Extended warranties?

    What are your thoughts on the extended warranties? Worth the extra $$ or not. After my last used atv I know service bills can add up, but I've heard some people have trouble getting service covered under them.

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    Extra money for the dealer. Everything broke is because of rough use. Warranty won't cover. Save your bucks.

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    There are two different types of extended warranty.

    The first is extending your factory warranty. The same rules apply as during the regular warranty hence stratofishers comment about stuff not being covered.

    The second type of extended coverage is offered by aftermarket insurance type companies that have no affiliation with the manufacturer. It is still offered through dealership who do make money selling the contract. The rules of failure are more lenient however - the failure doesn't have to be from a specific manufacturers defect, it covers mechanical failures for almost all reasons. You can also get your ATV repaired anywhere you want.

    Extending your factory warranty may cost $200 and is probably only advisable if you end up buying a model year ATV is troublesome above and beyond normal issues.

    The aftermarket "mechanical insurance" coverage will cost more ($500 for 3 yrs.?) and may be worth it if you're hard on your equipment or plan to put a lot of miles on your toys.

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    Remember, they sell extended warranty to make a buck, they don't do it to help you out. Not only must they cover the cost of offering the warranty but they must make a profit.

    You should only consider extended warranty if the vehicle you want has a very bad track record.

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    Or just get a new four-wheeler that comes with a 3-year factory warranty, with the option of a 3 year extension. Mine is an '07 model, but under factory warranty for 5 more years.


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