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    I have an uncle coming down in late june for my wedding. He is an avid flyfisher. He wants to fish for some guided world class rainbow trout. I was thinking the kenai would be the best bet close by. I live in Seward. Money is not really a problem with him. He wants the best. I dont think he is willing to do a flyout somewhere, but I will run it by him. Who would you recommend for a day fishing trip that will be a once in a life time trip?

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    My guess would be upper Kenai.

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    Any guide services would people recommend to guide my uncle.

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    With out flying out to king salmon/Illimana it's going to be tough. That timing is right in the thickest king salmon run. Most guides are going to be busy guiding king trips. I think you should consider bagging the rainbow trip for the late fall and take the old man king fishing.
    Call Howard at, during that time he'll be running trips out on the Deshka river from Willow. I've been going out with him for the past 3 years and it's a blast, even if you don't get on fish!

    Good Luck,

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    Thumbs up As long as you're brainstorming...

    Quite an opportunity here: "... uncle coming... late june... avid flyfisher....wants... guided world class rainbow trout...Money... not really a problem...wants the best". Are you going with him?

    1. Research ideas. Start a "long list" of possibilities. This forum is great. Maybe call 2-3 fly shops. Maybe call 2-3 Kenai guide services. Troutfitters might be good. Ask them for 1-2 suggestions each. Call in the mornings when they're less likely to be occupied with other customers.

    2. Consider ranging further north if more of a wilderness exprience desired. "World class rainbow trout" could mean 30 inch fish, in which case, the Kenai might be the best bet, but 20-, 23-, 26- inch fish, caught in solitude would be time better spent to some - and still world-class experiences, especially if he comes from the land of 6-12 inch trout. Three Rivers fly shop in Wasilla, Chad Valentine at Denali Anglers, or Mahay's would be my thoughts for info, without considering fly-ins. These options up the Susitna or Talkeetna would make a long day, probably necessitate arrival a day early, so might not work so well.

    3. Shorten the list- comparing your uncle's individual preferences with the demands of each. Is he thinking of a float fishing trip - a good option. Is he willing to hike 1-3 miles? What does he consider a "crowd"? Bear tolerance? Clarifying his expectations will help better match his expectations with the trip. It might also compel him to think this through a bit. Some folks have no idea.

    4. Shorten the list - this forum is an excellent place. Lots of experience here.

    Good luck.


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