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Thread: Festivals? Things to See? June 1st - August 1st

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    Default Festivals? Things to See? June 1st - August 1st

    Hello everyone,

    I will be visiting Anchorage and surroundings from June 1st until August 2nd or later. A bit of my time will be spent working, a lot of it fishing, and another part of it, I would like to be taking pictures.

    I was just wondering what are the events/festivals that will be going on during those two months? They do not have to be in Anchorage. Driving 5-7 hours out has never been a problem for me. Im a traveling sales rep...I live in my car.

    As well, if you were me, what would be your top 3 places to visit for a day in terms of scenery for pictures.


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    June 7 there is a whitewater festival at Sixmile Creek near Hope. There is usually one in the Nenana River Canyon, but I hear it's been canceled this year. Anyway, there should be some interesting boating shots in Sixmile. I know I've flipped a lot of boats in there over the years.


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