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    Default Cooper Lake

    Going to take the boat to Cooper Lake next week and spend a few days doing some spot-and-stalk on blackies. I am making a HUGE assupmtion that the lake is broken up. If anyone out there has been there or is going there this week I would surely appreciate a report!

    Thanks, Daren

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    I went about the same exact time last year and it was frozen over... I'd check on it.... Good Luck!


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    Just came from snug harbor road. Road isnt even open yet. Its good til about a 1/2 mile or so past the power lines.

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    ice hasn't melted on the homer reservoir yet, and a small lake across the bay at about 800' is still frozen....
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    Cooper Lake probably wont be open till the end of June. There is still good snowmachining at that elevation this year.
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    This same weekend, last year, the lake had not yet broken up. Id call one of the local shops and check.
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    Holy smokes! I'm glad I asked. Looks like I would have made a rookie mistake. Time to change plans!!

    Thanks guys!


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    Default kenai lake

    is open and holds black bears. skilak also a good choice just be careful of the weather.

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    Default Cooper Lake

    As of Thursday road was snowed in before Rainbow Lake Trail Head. Cooper Lake pic
    probaly a week Plus before its open.
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    Talking ok now

    I drove all the way to the lake in a minny van. A little snow but not bad. The lake is clear also. There was one truck with a boat trailer parked there and a truck with some other people messing around on the shore (kids shooting BB guns etc.) Saw a Boone and Crockett Porky Pine.

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    Drove up there over the weekend. No problem. Seen a couple of Blackies and a Brown Bear walking in the middle of the road. Why is it that whatever you are hunting for has to be so far up the hill that you dont want to go to it but whatever you arent hunting is walking in the middle of the road?

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    Default Cooper Lake

    Saw large Br Bear tracks on the road when I was there Thursday how big was it? Bear front paw tracks on good were close to 8" wide


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