Well the day started out raining and windy bt with a phone call to one of the fellas he said it was gonna be nice up there.....and thats all I needed to hear to get me going.

The road itself was pretty dang nice till we hit a long wet area close to the river and this is how the boat looked in less than 5 minutes.

As we topped over and headed down the bridge...we saw that the boat ramp was blocked by some big ol chunks of ice.And as we left I grabbed this pic of the ramp.

It was pretty windy when we got there,but other than that it was a gorgeous day till I went to fuel up.....oh! and btw! I have a diesel

And here's a good by shot of the bridge as we left.

Soon after Jeremy heard my tire on the trailer whistling when mother nature called and I was still 120 miles from town.Thank god it was a slow leak,and while we where checking it out the fellas found someones stash of three black polydrums and about 15 buckets of grease.Anyhow we made it back and safe,and figured we'd give ya'll an update.Daniel