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Thread: Starter Relay problems

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    Default Starter Relay problems

    Just installed a new Starter Relay Assembly on my 2005 Suzuki Eiger LT-F400/F and I am still hearing a clicking sound coming from the relay assembly when I push the starter button. What could be the problem? If the Relay Denso is not working could it cause this problem or is it something else? Please advise. Thanks

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    Is your battery fully charged? Is your starter itself still good? Maybe you have a ground that came loose. If your starter relay (solenoid) was really the culprit you should have been able to jump from post to post on the solenoid and make the bike turn over. I usually put a set of jumper cables on each post of the solenoid, then put the positive and negative clips together on the other end of the jumpers to complete the circuit. Don't CLAMP them together, just smack the ends together fast and you shouldn't get sparks, pull apart fast to stop turning over.

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    Sounds like you might have a bad starter, have someone put their hand on it while you try and start it, the clicking might be coming from there.


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