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Thread: How do you remove velvet from deer antlers

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    Default How do you remove velvet from deer antlers

    I just shot a big old 3 point sitka, and the antlers were losing chunks of velvet from the process and from horseflies, before I even killed the deer so a velvet trophy rack is now out of the question. I want to just get rid of the velvet. How do I do this without taking a severe knife job to the deer.

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    Default Just peel it off...

    If the velvet was already coming off, the rest of it should just peel off. It doesn't take much effort to get it off and you shouldn't need a knife other than to just get a piece started and then just pull on it. If it's started to dry out on you, then it will take just a little more effort, but just start pulling on it and see what happens.

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    Be careful around the tips as they can easily break.

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    Default Power Washer

    Last year for my caribou I used a power washer. Just watch the soft tips. You can blow them right off.


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