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    Default Having a hard time

    Having a hard time deciding about the bear hunt I want to do in Alaska this time.The thing is I am having a time deciding Bow or Rifle.I will not be hunting over bait so I will be making stalks after I locate .I know you can locate on shore on some bays eating grasses .Any ideas about would be appricated.

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    Default weapon choice

    well y dont oyu just sling the rifle and carry the bow if you cant get close enough then blastem but always try and stick first imo

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    Default bowhunt!!!

    Stalking bear with a bow has no equal!! Sure, you'll blow more stalks than with a rifle, but being 20-30 yds from a grazing bear that doesn't know you are there is as exciting as it gets, so be prepared.

    If you just want meat , bring a gun.

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    I will tell you go with a bow. Taking an animal with a bow is truly rewarding. I'm bias though.
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    Favorite way to hunt with a bow is out of a stand.Harvested alot of deer this way but have not stalked a bear with a bow.Thanks for all the help


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