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Thread: Trolling for Kings @ the Mouth of the Kenai

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    Question Trolling for Kings @ the Mouth of the Kenai

    Is trolling for kings allowed in Cook Inlet at the mouth of the Kenai? I always hear about Deep Creek & Anchor Point, but he boat launch is a circus. I wondered if launching at the Keani City dock and troll at the mouth wouldn't be better. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Default I don't

    know the regulations very well - but while skimming the fishing reg book last week it had charts in each region showing what could be fished and what could not be fished - colored charts/maps too -

    I would check the fishing regulations for that area first. Then check the Emergency Orders to make sure that nothing has changed.

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    I can not find anything forbidding it in the regs. I sent an e-mail to the area's ADF&G on this a week or two ago and have not gotten any response. Usually I get word back the same day.
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    Default king trolling

    I am not sure about the regs either ,but I havent heard you can't. Most people just choose DeepCreek area due to water clarity and a larger number of fish in that area at that time of year. The mouth of the Kenai changes a lot from year to year and you might find yoourself stuck on a sand bar. Be careful out there.

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    Default Kenai Mouth

    I'm pretty sure it's open for trolling, I have always thought that the water clarity would be an issue but last year fishing with a friend we ended up down at Warren Ames bridge and saw several kings caught. We even caught one ourself.
    It can be a little dangerous with the big tides and wind, but I'll bet it's good fishing with the right tide.


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    If it is legal to troll, does it mean its legal to fish in the salt from shore?
    Im trying really hard to find some spots to cast some big spoons or spinners into the salt for Kings.

    I mean, if they're going into the Kenai, there is a good chance I intercept at least one with my lure right? I hope.

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    Post Water Clarity At The Mouth

    There is a serious lack of it in the mouth of the Kenai. Casting spoons/lures may produce a result but more than likely it will be foul-hooked result - not the kind you really want. I've often pondered the possibility of soaking bait in the mouth from shore but have never attempted it. I'm sure that there are those that try it - and that there are few successes, but your efforts would be more rewarded someplace else with improved visibility, thus the popularity of the offshore Deep Creek, Anchor River and Ninilchik fisheries. If you are really amped up about shore fishing for kings I'd try those three when the regs say you can do it.

    The Nick Dudiak fishing lagoon in Homer should be starting to produce some fishable numbers very soon; the end of May is typically when they start to show - fish the incoming tide about an hour after it turns with #4 or #5 blue vibrax or flip herring chunks for the best results. The DF&G estimates that there are going to be around 3,000 fish returning this year which would make that a pretty sure bet for success once they arrive.

    Good luck.
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