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Thread: Alaska Service Rifle Championship and EIC

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    Default Alaska Service Rifle Championship and EIC

    1. SAT 17 May FT Rich 200/300/600yds 80 rds for record with sighters

    2. CMP Excellence in Competion "Leg" Match

    SUN 18 May Ft Rich 200/300/600yds 50 rds for record no sighters

    Pedneau Range for both matches

    POC: Ron 694 1042


    Come out and shoot!

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    Thanks for posting this event Allen. I'd like to shoot that but it has been a while since I've shot a leg match. I legged out in 1978 with the rifle and though I've shot the course a lot since then it has been a while. I got my old EIC badges out the other day and dusted them off, gotta pistol ,too. I finished my leg points with a Garrand, even though we were shooting M-1A's at the time. I guess it's AR's now? The state championship would be a good shoot, I didn't realyze they were even held in this state.

    Thanks for the info.
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    We have been pretty consistent with hosting annual championships since I started shooting HP Rifle in 83 or so...

    AR's are winning, so most people use them. Me too.
    I have a nice M1A custom built matched out and a issue Crane M14 SACK I don't shoot as much as I should.

    We try to have the Regional or the State HP Champ up in Fairbanks, as range conditions allow as well.

    Great bunch of people in the various clubs and we are fortunate to have nice ranges at FT Rich, Wainwright and Greeley to use.

    I am SIQ, so won't be shooting...come on out sometime. the ARC has a Garand match as well on the old 5V targets, ball ammo and rack grade G'rands, is always fun


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