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Thread: Beach Running and Atv's

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    Default Beach Running and Atv's

    Since I'm thinking about a new machine and I run mostly on beaches, I'm trying to think of ways to minimize problems from the salt. Here's what I've thought of so far:

    Of course, rinse well after every ride. Has anyone used the rinses like Salt-Away?

    Get aluminum rims

    Wrap all the exposed electrical connections I can find with waterproof tape and use diaelectric grease in connectors.

    Anything else?


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    I wouldn't stop at just exposed connections but would dielectric every connection including putting grease on the fuse prong connections also.
    Paint tends to rub off on the frame so every couple of weeks i would look for rust and wire brush the spots and spray paint them.
    Every steel bolt on the machine will start to rust quick.
    If you have drum brakes that's a whole nother can of worms.
    Sounds like you realize you'll operate in a more corrosive enviorment so stay on top of preventive maint.
    Muffflers go fast so make sure to spray clean good all around them.

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    Default Acf-50

    In aircraft we use ACF-50 or Corrosion X to help slow corrosion. If you are very concerned you might want to try them.

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    Thanks for the tips!


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