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    Has anyone been down to the Anchor River lately? Am trying to get a report on what the river quality looks like. Is is muddy or clear? Also are there any fish down there? Is it worth the drive from Anchorage to go down fishing for the weekend? Also what kind of equipment is used for fishing there? I have never tried fishing for kings so I really dont know much about how to caught them. That is why I was hoping there were fish going to be in the Eklutna Trailrace soon so I can fish with some bait. I know bait cant be used on the Anchor, so what other kinds of lures work best.


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    Umm, don't know if you have heard differently, but per the regs, the Anchor is restricted to one unbaited sing hook artificial lure from September 1-Dec 31. Kenai Peninsula is restricted to unbaited artificial lures from September 16-Dec 31. Bait is allowed, unless there is an EO that says otherwise.

    I would also be interested in hearing some folk's advice on fishing the Anchor, as I will be heading down in the second week of June to give it a shot.

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    I'd save your gas money... went there for both the seasonal openings in 2005 & 2006. First one was a bust and the second year we went out the river was completely blown out... river was chocolate milk! If you got the itch and the time, go for it! Otherwise, just wait for Memorial weekend. There might be more people but there also should be more fish.

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    I drove by there this past there this past weekend coming back from Homer and the river is very brown.

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    Default Lower Peninsula Streams

    Was afraid of that...Thanks for the update. Im concerned with the amount of snow to melt, combined with low temps and an early Memorial Day weekend that the lower peninsula streams may not be productive this opener. I have always caught in the Ninilchik on Memorial weekend, hopefully this year will be the same???

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    Default anchor river update.......

    I drive over the river every day to work. There is alot of water in it and typically murky. Even without rain it still has good flow and only a few inches of visibility. If it does rain it comes right up and blows out since the hills are still so saturated. Late snowpack still melting on the higher hills this year.

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    I haven't been home in Homer for a while, but the river opens up on Memorial Day weekend and usually isn't very productive for the fishing anyway. Lots of camps and parties going on though. Last year it was crowded but not a fish caught that I heard of, I think it was a week or two later that they really moved in and it was game on.


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