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    Hunted the Mammoth creek area today, only had one day to hunt. Did not see any animals. Talked to some hunters who had been there since the opening day, They hadn't seen any either. They said two were killed earlier in the week, nothing after that. I ran into a biologist who said that there were caribou in the Circle Hot Springs area, I didn't have time to go up that far. If anyone has any updates, please post them, I don't have a lot of time to hunt and need all the info I can get. Thanks.

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    just drove home from central today and did not see any bou.

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    Thanks, I may try the Taylor Highway this weekend if it's still open. Remember me, I brought the Deer antlers in for a repair estimate. Any luck on that antelope cape, I would really like to get it mounted.

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    Yes i remember you. Give me a call.


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