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Thread: River Fishin' on Kenai Peninsula

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    Lightbulb River Fishin' on Kenai Peninsula

    Hey All,

    So I have some 'use it or lose it' vacation to take the next week through June1. I am thinking about amblin' around on the Peninsula, taking the cataraft, and doing some river fishing. I have stayed mostly north of Anchorage for river fishing in recent years, so am looking for ideas on best rivers to fish for Kings. I would like to maybe float Kasilof. Am thinking about Deep Creek and/or the Anchor. Any better suggestions? What rigs to use on mentioned rivers? Will probably go for trout/grayling also. Might even spend a few days up on the Willow/Montana/Sheep creek areas.

    Will also welcome anyone that might want to meet up for some fishing as well!

    Thanks in advance for all your input!


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    Bait is allowed starting today on the kasilof. So drifting eggs might be your best bet.
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