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    Default Inflatable PFD

    How many of you use Inflatable PFD's? Those of you that do, do you use a manual or automatic inflation? I am going to use my one man raft for the first time on Saturday, and I need to get a PFD before then, but I can't decide what style to go with. I like the size of the inflatables, but I am a little worried that it won't inflate when I need it to.

    For those of you who don't use inflatables, what kind of vest would you recommend? I would want one that was as comfortable as possible, and one that I could wear my fish pack with. (My fish pack is similar to a fanny pack, but I refuse to call it that.) One last question, where would be the best place in town to find a good selection of PFDs? I have been to Sportsmans, B&J's, and Mountain View, but have not found one that fit just right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default low profile kayak vest

    they are expensive, but can be rowed and paddled in all day and have almost no restriction on movement. I wouldn't wear an inflatable, once you are in a river with current you have enough to deal with, and if it doesn't inflate enough, or at all do you really want to be blowing through a tube to get air into it? Not me, get a low pro. They are called paddleing vest on the tag most times. REI, Sportsmans, alaska raft and kayak, and a few other places should have them.


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    "...but I am a little worried that it won't inflate when I need it to."

    Which is one reason they are generally not recommended for use in whitewater. I'm with Chris, I wouldn't use them for moving water. I don't want any delay in coming to the surface.

    Personally, I use an America's Cup Ultra Float. It has 31 pounds of flotation, where the average PFD has only 15.5 pounds. Lots of folks want a smaller PFD, but I want to be breathing air instead of sucking water. It also provides a fair amount of warmth, and I don't find it restrictive. PFDs are a personal choice though.

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    Default I'm with Chris

    on this one. Have been a sea kayak guide for about 8 years - I wouldn't paddle with an inflatable. I use my kayak pfd for the raft....don't even notice it anymore. Plus, you have pockets for survival items such as: pen flares, whistle, survival blanket, radio, and then I have a dive knife strapped to my pfd as well....has come in handy on so many occasions for so many reasons....REI is probably your best bet for variety of selection.


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