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Thread: 3 leg momma moose

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    Talking 3 leg momma moose

    Ok so this momma and baby had the big buffett in our yard for about 5 hours today, My wife saw the is missing the last 10 inches or so of her right rear leg. She called f&g and they told her she is one of the most studied moose in anchorage. around 5 years old, her baby is 2 this spring. She and baby ate around 500 bucks of roses, baskets, green beans, herbs, etc etc. Yes it is frustrating but what a great video my wife shot and only in alaska. Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

    Chuck and june
    Grandkids, Making big tough guys hearts melt at first sight

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    Hey Chuck! Good video. I checked up all your other videos about fishing as well!

    Thanks for sharing.


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