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Thread: Caribou/Moose combo hunt

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    Default Caribou/Moose combo hunt

    After I do my year in the sandbox, the assignment gurus have seen fit to send me back to alaska, now as a Army troop. I have promised a good friend to bring him moose hunting. I am looking for recommendations as to where to take someone that we might be able to capitilize on moose/caribou--hoping that he could get one of the two. I was thinking of Dillingham, but was told the caribou aren't up to speed there. I think Kotzebue would be out because he is a NR.


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    You'll likely be better off focusing on one of the two. While combo hunts are possible, prime caribou habitat is typically not prime moose habitat, and vice versa. Yes, there are exceptions, but success rates tend to be a bit higher on single species hunts. Actually, you can also bring along a black bear or wolf tag and hope to score a second animals with one of those. Just a personal opinion, for what it's worth.

    If I were bringing a buddy up who hadn't hunted AK before, I would target caribou. They're more plentiful, success rates are generally higher, the animal is large yet small enough for two people to pack out in one trip, and there's not so much meat as to be completely overwhelming when it comes to care and butchering. For caribou, Kotz is pretty hard to beat these days.

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    Seems like I've seen pics of guys with bou and moose that had floated rivers coming out of the Brooks range in GMU 25.
    You might talk to Larry Bartlett about setting you up.
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    Default thanks

    Actually isn't new to alaska, we both worked for George Palmer (Alaska Trophy hunts) back in the early 90s, I was thinking the float hunt might be the best bet, thanks for the info.



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