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Thread: Popsicle Fly For Silvers

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    Default Popsicle Fly For Silvers

    Bein' a newbie to fly-tying I did a couple of patterns of a Popsicle fly after reading this one is good for Silvers. I'll be givin' it a whirl at Lake Creek during their run. Does anyone have any success stories with this fly? One pattern is an orange-pink-purple and the other is an orange-pink-chartouse.

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    I use them all the time for coho, but I usually tie them with a bead or cone head for weight....never liked weighted-body flies, especially big ones.

    I always seem to do best on either a green/yellow, green/pink, or pink/fushia/orange combos. Just about any color(s) will work given the right conditions and mood of the fish...get creative! I like these mostly b/c they're cheap and easy to tie.


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