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Thread: sheep hunting rifle

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    Default sheep hunting rifle

    my first post on here been reading for years i have 2 guns i am thinking of making my sheep hunting gun

    257 roberts mod 70 feather weight i have used for deer for years
    3006 weatherby vanguard also pretty light

    been using a 338 wm for sheep and baged a few with but it is heavy around 10 pounds and would like to lighten things up a bit for this year

    so what do you think i will be using handloads so open to ideas on loads too

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    I would be happy with either, but would probably take the Roberts for sentimental reasons. I've used one for deer and more for almost 40 years, and just like the round. Loaded with a 115 Nosler Partition, it will gitterdone with sheep. And there's no doubt the 06 would be a good choice, too.

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    I just answered a similar thread in the Hunting forum. The 257 is a good round but I would take the .06 over it for sheep. Having said that, I would pick (and have) a .300 WSM or WM over the .06, because it will give you more reach, punch and better trajectory with the same bullets. I've swithed from a 7mm mag (great cartridge) to a .300 WSM (better cartridge).

    Good Hunting.


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