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    Default Glock Holster

    Bought the wife a glock 27 and we went out and shot it yesterday. Nice gun and will hopefully be a great firearm for her. My question is about a holster for the glock. Couple of friends have 1911's (colt and kimber) and like the fobus holsters. Anyone have recommendations or ups/downs of different styles? Seems like with a hard plastic holster there would be rubbing on the frame/slide. Just a thought.

    BTW, anyone have any tricks/tips to getting the stock baseplate off a clip to put a pearce grip extension on?

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    I've got a Kydex paddle that I've used a little bit, but found it not nearly as comfortable as leather. The plastic doesn't present any wear issues on the gun that I've ever seen. Most plastic holsters lock the gun in place, so it never moves against the plastic except during the draw. I've pretty much downgraded my plastic gear to casual range use. My current CCW holster (subject to change without notice), is a BlackHawk Check-Six leather belt slide that is angled forward about 45 for a high carry on the small of back area to the strong side. I chose this model as I carry a full size Glock and it gets the muzzle up high enough to keep it covered under my jacket. With your sub-compact frame, you actually have many more concealment holster options. The first question is... how is she normally going to carry?

    The magazine is pretty easy to get apart, but it's harder to describe in text than it is to show. TopGlock has a great section on their website that shows how to completely disassemble everything Glock. Here's the page about mags...
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    If you're going for Kydex Uncle Mike's is the best IMO. I've used them, Blackhawk and Fobus and prefer the Uncle Mike's hands-down.

    I also use the Bianchi Accumold 7506... I've found it to be extremely comfortable.
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    Default Glock 27 holsters

    My wife and I both carry Glock 27's and have for several years. I am not sure if he is still making holsters but we have:
    Ted Blocker DA-1 leather holsters.
    Leather works well for us. Good luck on your new weapon.

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    Blackhawk CQC is what I use for my G20. Works great. I've used the Uncle Mike's but just prefer the fit and function of the blackhawk better. The holster itself does not touch the slide too much, and a little moleskin would take care of any holster wear issues from using kydex type stuff.

    The added retention is awesome and not even noticed when you want to get the gun out.



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