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Thread: end result of wooden bow plans

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    Default end result of wooden bow plans

    I finally got around to taking some pictures of the last bow I made, so I thought I'd show off a bit. 62" nock to nock, 57# @ 25" of draw. Osage orange with black walnut on the tips. I was happy with how this turned out as the stave looked pretty messy before I started. It sat in the corner of my buddy's garage for years as it had too many knots for him to deal with. Now, if I can just dedicate myself to becoming proficient with the bow to take it hunting. Sorry the pictures aren't very crisp, maybe I'll get some better shots in better light.
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    Default a couple more

    a few more pictures
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    Beautiful self bow!!
    Takes a lot of dedication to work with knotty osage & come out with a bow that stays together. Sounds like you've had some practice though.
    I've done one hickory bow & really enjoyed it.
    Vance in AK.

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    Default Good Looking Bow

    Great looking bow there! The osage looks like it has a lot of character. Congrats on a job well done!

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    Thanks guys, the bow does have a lot of character. I have a really snakey piece of Osage sitting under the work bench, that'll be my next challenge.

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    Default Great Bow

    Bois De' Arc is a very knotty wood and requires a lot of patience to come out with a bow that works well and stays together. Didn't know they had Bois De' Arc trees in AK; never seen one.
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    Looks like your work paid off.

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    nice job, how about a full draw tiller pic.....after all this is what makes a bowyer a bowyer and not a carpenter

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    Quote Originally Posted by TradBow View Post
    nice job, how about a full draw tiller pic.....after all this is what makes a bowyer a bowyer and not a carpenter
    You are correct, up until properly tillered it just "looks" like a bow I'll get it up on the board and get a full draw pic posted.


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