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Thread: Up grading Engine

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    Default Up grading Engine

    Ok, I have an old 35hp evinrude 2 stroke. Not a jet.

    I have a 14ft jon boat low side.

    I use it on the deska, kenai, jim lake , and maude lake. I don't see the need to go higher the a 40. My boat can go up to a 50hp

    I like the yahmaha's I have on my hewes, Just want to get opinions.
    Any suggestion??
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    Gary as you said, you like the Yamaha,s They make a fine engine. For the kenai something about 4strokes comeing to use there, so that should narrow your search down, Just got to fig what Hp power, suits your needs and what that little boat can handle they are heavy, but you won,t have to carry as much fuel, so there is a bit of off set there. I would watch the guides down on the Kenai, They out there every day, and can,t afford to be broke down, See for yourself what motors most run, They buy them because they hold up, not because they where the cheapest on sale.


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