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    Smile sheep hunting pants

    Any suggestions for sheep hunting pants, size46-48. I wear wool when horseback hunting, worked o.k. On recent backpack hunt, too hot for wool, too wet for BDU's and microtex was not that great. With rainpants on top of microtex or BDU's, major headache, pack pushed pants down, one pair os suspenders kept pants on, rain pants continual hassle readjusting. Weather ranged fromt-shirt hot to rain and snow, often in the same day. Always quite cool in a.m. when we headed out from camp. Ideas, sources for clothing will be greatly appreciated. My buddy uses mountain hardware and northface pants, but they don't come in my size. At the best of times I'm a46 and unless I become anorexic I'll never be a 42 or 44, THANKS for any and all help.

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    Default Cabelas

    Look at Cabelas. Thay have all kind of hunting pants and check out the sizing chart...


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