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Thread: Any good hunting in July?

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    Default Any good hunting in July?

    I might have some time off of work this July. If I was trying to get up to Alaska to hunt. Unfortunately, I can only get a week off. What would you recommend if a guy was wanting to hunt in July and only had a week to spare.

    I generally prefer to backpack and camp as well as avoiding using a guide. Been trying to get up there a few times but every time something keeps me from going. Got a good feeling about this summer though.

    Are there any areas open to Black Bear hunting in July? I'd like to do Caribou some time, but I'd imagine that I'd need more time than a week.

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    16b is open to black bear Adak, Kodiak and the Slope are open to Caribou
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    Bears won't have nice thick hides in July and I don't know about eating them as I don't like to eat them as it is. Thats a pretty warm time of the year to hunt but if you absolutely want to hunt then I would suggest looking at caribou. Meat care might be an issue as well as it won't keep quite as long as it would in the fall.

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    July....better off going fishing. Hunting season for the most part doesn't start 'til 10 Aug


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