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    Default Lake boat

    Hey people,
    What is the best dealer to find a regular lake type fishing boat with a trailer and good yahmaha four stroke with a prop, not all these flat bottomed jet boats?

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    i have had a nice relationship with dewey's cook inlet. they sell hewes craft boats. i bought a sea runner from them and they have always recognized me when i return for questions or to pick up a part. the one thing that i should say if your going to buy a new boat from a dealer is to get along with them, i have always made friends and treated people right. when buying something new you have to deal with them for a couple of years. deweys has a large selection of boats... more than the have on the lot. just stop by and look aound or have a chat with them. let them know what you want to do, what you might do and what you are looking for. ask them what they would suggest, listen to them, at least for information. they have not done me wrong yet and they will go out of there way for you. heres there web site
    they are located on king street north of diamond on the corner of 76th.

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    Default Check out a Klamath

    I also have purchased a Hewescraft boat , and 2 motors over the yrs, from Dewey's and will 2nd the recommendation that they do a good job and offer sound advise.

    For a basic Lake boat, don't overlook the Klamath's -- they're not built as stout as the heavier guage alum boats , but they are a very solid lake boat for the price. Their BayRunner series is still very popular with inshore salties' , too.

    You will see alot of Klamath's running around the lakes and rivers. I had a 18ft Klamath for yrs and it served me very well.

    They are sold by a dealer on Spenard Rd. near the railroad tracks just west of Minnisota.


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