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Thread: First hunt ever this weekend

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    Default First hunt ever this weekend

    Before I go out for 2 days in PWS this weekend (weather providing) I just wanted to say thank you to every single person who has helped me through this long learning journey. It has been much more learning than I ever imagined and could not do it without you folks-

    With that said I know I have not learned it all yet and will probably make quite a few mistakes this trip , skinning should be quite interesting

    - Black bear , May 17-18 Unit 6D (Prince william sound)

    Hunt plan

    My step father and I will depart early in the morning from our 16 foot runabout staying close to shore and glassing from 2 miles from port in and out of the coves reaching our objective of shotgun cove. Once inside I will glass for ( and hopefully spot ) a bear. After spotting we will quitely pull up on the beach and the stalk will be on. If I get a good shot with everything set up perfectly im sure time will freeze in excitement for a moment. I will wait 20 minutes for the bear to dispatch from the world while repeating what just happened to my now somewhat angry step dad and then approach it cautiously. From that point I will take 5000 pictures. Nextly is the point I'm having trouble deciding on. I do not know if I should butcher the bear right there or being that we're only after one and we live in Anchorage (Could have the bear back in town within a couple of hours) should I simply field dress it and work on it in the comforts of my backyard? I will probably take a long time to flesh the bear, and although I would like a rug do not see the price practical at the moment, so I will get it tanned at Alpha furs with the intent of making a rug after I have other priorities taken care of.

    We will be in a 16' harbercraft runabout- Hope that if anyone else gets out this weekend you are successful!

    Boy this is gonna be an experience

    If you see anything wrong with my plans or have any other thoughts, comments or tidbits of advice feel free to comment -

    Thanks again for teaching me a hobby that will last for life


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    Good luck on your trip.

    If your gonna be in town the next day, gut it, skin it and bring the carcas and hide back to town.

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    Nick - I probably don't need to ask, but...have you spent enough time with your new rifle at the range? Is your rifle sighted in well, and are you aware of your range limitations? If so, all I will suggest is that you pass on a shot if it's not ideal and within your comfortable range. There are always more bears. You'll feel terrible if you wound and lose a bear on your first trip out. Be patient, my young friend, and good things will come to you in the woods.

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    Im pretty comfortable with it but going back to the range twice before the hunt ( thurs /fri ) to make sure everythings ok and good to go, I wont be taking any shots unless theyre broadside between 100-150~ yards, (closer doesnt hurt) If I dont get anything it will be a learning experience nonetheless

    Oh plus I just took the hunters ed course so I feel very very confident on safety

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    Default good luck

    good luck and post pics. i remember my first hunt... although squirels in louisana don't present much trophy possiblities....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbiinc View Post
    good luck and post pics. i remember my first hunt... although squirels in louisana don't present much trophy possiblities....
    NEGATIVE sbi, every hunter's first animal is a trophy! My first was a snowshoe hare, shot with my single-shot .22 when I was 8 years old, hunting the Matanuska Flats with my Dad and younger brother. Was all excited to get more, but stepped through the ice into a puddle and got water in my boot, temps in the 20s so had to go home. Still a great day and a wonderful memory.

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    Sounds like a plan! Good luck and don't forget to take your 5000 pictures!!!! ( In fact, you might want to take 6000 )

    Be safe and have fun!



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